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I'm Mollie I am a grouchy and overstressed production student who doesn't want to graduate college next year because I still don't know how to do taxes and I make my mom do mine. oh yeah I am a sorority girl so if you don't like sorority stuff stay far away. I like politics and cats and I do stupid things idk I like to think of myself as a bitter old lady i speak in monotone and i smoke like a chimney and drink too much caffeine CATS ARE REALLY AWESOME OK.

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New Captain America 2 Stills

The look on her face is like “Excuse you Steven, did you seriously just grab my arm like that? Do you know who I am? Let me go before I brake your patriotic fingers”

reblogging again because Natasha is about to break Steve’s patriotic fingers

Oh, Steve, that was seriously not smart.

"One, don’t you ever touch me again. Two, don’t you ever touch me again.”

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these hoes aint loyal

this shit would never happen at Target

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White girls Vs Black girls being accused of talking shit

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your anon is the biggest piece of shit i have ever seen in my entire life like i am amazed at the sheer amount of STUPIDITY they managed to spew into your ask.

RIGHT? It’s actually depressing because there is legit nothing intelligent about their argument. And there was more, believe me haha. I just didn’t want to post anything more from them hahaha. It’s sad… I can respect other viewpoints that differ from my own but once certain pro-life people set out to make pro-choicers look like “villains,” I lose it. I guess some people are destined to a life of being a flat out dumbass lol

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this nigga drake brought a lint roller to a basketball game lmaoooo

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Bradley Cooper playing charades.

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"paramore was pulled off tour for a week when hayley was 16 because her mom grounded her" is the funniest thing i’ve ever heard

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if i were a caterpillar i would probably emerge from my cocoon as another slightly fatter caterpillar

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Anonymous Asked:
Oh, so you would essentially become a murderer so you could smoke cigarettes and drink? If you don't see that as selfish, I am REALLY afraid for what YOU think being selfish is.

did you actually just ignore the majority of my entire fucking response to you or

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"That was fucking incredible.” - Things To Do in GTA V: Fast Cash

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ok I was going to reblog this anyway

and then the one in the middle

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Anonymous Asked:
"Give the green light to exist?" Are you stupid, or just heartless? Maybe if you don't want to get pregnant, you should be a little less careless with who you have sex with. What is so important in your life that you think you can't "upturn your life" to make room for a pregnancy? You call it guilting, but I think you just can't handle the realization that you are selfish and mistreating your body and YOUR OWN FLESH AND BLOOD, not an "illegitimate love child."

Oh, fuck off, you whiny little cocksnot. 
Number one, being “careless” is not how people end up with unwanted pregnancies. Accidents happen. It’s not like everyone who is pro-choice is running around having unprotected sex every damn day. 
What is so important? How about my education? How about the fact that if I were to be pregnant, I wouldn’t be able to afford the doctor’s bills for myself or my kid? How about the fact that I have a severe chemical hormone imbalance and getting pregnant would throw it off even more? How about the fact that I live an extremely stressful life and cannot just DROP EVERYTHING for a fucking FETUS that I would not want? And as for the smaller, insignificant things… I smoke regularly. About half a pack a day, sometimes more if I’m having a bad day. Not willing to quit. I drink a ton of caffeine, I take medication, I take vitamins, I drink alcohol, occasionally I indulge in what I have begun to call “the green giant,” which means pot if you didn’t quite catch my drift, I really love fish, I dye my hair, I like roller coasters, I enjoy spending time with my cats, I have begun to exercise again and I like it, I like to take very long and fast walks, and did you also know that you’re not supposed to drink tap water while pregnant? I’m not going on an adventure to get filtered fucking water just because I’m thirsty because people whined at me about my “poor and defenseless” clump of cells. 
Am I selfish for choosing to put myself first? Nope. It would be selfish to put a fetus through a pregnancy when I know I wouldn’t be able to follow the many “rules” about, when I wouldn’t be able to go to doctor, and when I probably would look at it with pure anger the second I gave birth. It would probably come out with like six heads or something anyway because I’m not becoming some ultra healthy little snot because a condom might break. Like I mean… props to people who can do that. I’m not ready to do that at this point in my life and I have no fucks to give about your opinion on that.

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